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TC Electronic

TC Electronic Wiretap Riff Recorder

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Capture the Songs in Your Head

WIRETAP RIFF RECORDER is the new must-have tool for every serious songwriter out there. With this ultra-compact pedal firmly secured to your pedalboard you’ll never see yourself lose that killer riff or super-catchy melody ever again when inspiration strikes. Just hit record, jam on like you’re used to, and begin building your majestic song catalogue right there on the spot in collaboration with the free WireTap app. McCartney had Lennon, Hetfield has Hammett, you have WIRETAP!

    •    Pedal-simple riff recorder - Capture ideas instantly when inspiration strikes
    •    Free WireTap App - Work on your songs on the go
    •    Record up to 8 hours of high-quality audio on the pedal