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Impulse Music Co.

Lessons For All Ages!

Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional
In-person and online private
Available 7 days a week

$135 per month for weekly 30 minute, private lessons
(Recommended for younger kids and beginners, and intermediate levels)
$270 per month for weekly 60 minute, private lessons (Recommended for advanced and professional levels)
There is a registration fee of $25 per student at enrollment.
$40 one-off lesson

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Impulse Music Co.

You've Got Options! We Teach:


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Impulse Music Co.

Learn from the Best!

All of our instructors are professionals in the industry with the knowledge you need at your disposal.
All students get 10% off in store purchases
And 20% off of Repairs

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Impulse Music Co.

Other Programs

Annual Recitals
Educational Group sessions
Recording Education
Rock Band Performance and Recording Lessons
Gear Class/Maintanence Class
Artist Development Sessions

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