Due to very High Demand we are accepting preorders for certain items! Email or call us regarrding an item that is currently out of stock!

Impulse Music Co.

Need A Quick Restring

Need A Quick restring?
Changing your strings is just like getting an oil change
Drop it off and pick it up next day or in a 30 minutes
Our staff is notorious for quick string changes!

Basic Restring $25
12 String, Classical Restring $35
Standard Setup $50
Single Solder Fix $35
Floyd Rose, Bass Setup $75
All other Repairs Require Technician Diagnosis 

Fix My Stuff!
Impulse Music Co.

Refinishing, Amp work, and more!

Our Shop works with many technicians in the Area
Painters, Amp Technicians, even local instrument builders
Any warranty inquiries can be brought in as well

Fix My Stuff!
Impulse Music Co.

We Take Pride in our Work

We Take Pride in our Work
Contact us for a quote!
Or come in  
We can give you a diagnosis for free!

Fix My Stuff!